One software. Multiple machines. One Result.

With ORIS Press Matcher // Web completely different systems can colormetrically be aligned to one common repeatable standard. The necessary color profiles, created purely by measurement using an iterative process, deliver highly accurate repeatable results.

A powerful softproofing application has been included in the software. That way, print jobs can quickly and easily, together with the browser-based architecture, be uploaded, controlled and tracked from anywhere in the world.

ORIS Press Matcher // Web is ideal for maintaining color consistency among multiple digital presses, or between your conventional and digital presses. It can also be used to color manage wide format output, so that signage or point-of-sale materials exactly match a standard, so that a brand identity is kept throughout a marketing campaign.

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Your color check-in. Flexible. Safe. Worldwide.

ORIS Color Tuner // Web is the professional contract proof system of choice for ink jet printers. This complete proofing system combines color management, high-speed output and proofing-specific media. Winner of the GATF InterTech Award, ORIS Color Tuner was the first system of its kind to be certified by SWOP, Fogra, Sicograf, PPA and 3DAP. It includes setup wizards, automatic color matching and automatic printer calibration all within a web-based environment that provides color-matched job control and output anywhere in the world. This way, anyone _ not just color gurus! _ can easily calibrate
a proofer.

Superior spot color handling, Hexachrome® support, multi-channel Generic Output Profiles and color-accurate screendot proofing all add up to make ORIS Color Tuner // Web the most used color proofing software on the market.

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All colors on one screen.

ORIS Certified // Web is an effective and easy-to-use web-based color quality control system. CMYK color bars for SWOP, GRACoL, 3DAP, FOGRA and otherstandards can be easily measured and evaluated on any proof, press or monitor. In-house printing standards and customizable color bars can be added.

ORIS Certified // Web measurement results can be output as a brief summary on a label or as a detailed report. All measurement results for the devices monitored are stored and can be used for analyzing trends and device performance. This allows the user to detect quality variations over a certain period of time.

Web Monitoring brings all the data to any location that has an internetconnection.
Data can be analyzed for overall company performance and trends. View all job information throughout the production process from soft proof to proof to print.

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Communication in new dimensions.

ORIS Aproove is the industry leader in web-based collaborative approval workflow that gives anyone involved in the creative process real-time interactive mark-up and communication across multiple sites – from initial concept to final production.

ORIS Aproove is designed to integrate with any existing workflow and to handle a wide range of file formats, including separated plate files. Coupled with secured access and multi-level password protection, Aproove’s decision-tree process, with streamlined job submission, versioning control and custom email notification makes the management of complex creative projects simple and cost effective – all with no click charges or limit to the number of users.

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